Anthroposophycal Medicine

Anthroposophical Medicine is an internationally-recognized approach to medicine based on the teachings of an Austrian scientist, Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Dr. Steiner described the human organism as a dynamic system of three, more or less autonomous systems of organs interacting and to some extent, interpenetrating.

1) Nerves (thoughts) and Senses
2) Rhythmic System of Circulation and Respiration
3) Metabolism and Limbs – Will

Using substances from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave many indications for the preparation of specific remedies which were often homeopathically potentized or otherwise prepared in a special way.

Anthroposophic medicines are officially recognized in Europe.

There are community hospitals in Europa and many physicians throughout the world who work with the principles of healing that Dr. Rudolf Steiner offered through his work and his understanding of the human being.