Psychological Support

In our stressful world, a moment of relaxation, focus and quieting of the mind can be helpful.

When patients are deeply relaxed or in a state of hypnosis (Greek: sleep) the therapist can make suggestions which the patient is free to accept or not. In Dr. Penrod’s experience the patient is always awake during hypnosis and fully able to communicate.

There are many effective methods of inducing hypnosis: monotonous rhythms of color, movement, or sound. The method Dr. Penrod usually employs combines voice, breathing and calming words to focus the
patients thoughts.

In 1770 Anton Mesmer developed this treatment to eradicate pain. Today hypnotherapy is mostly used for self improvement, psychological issues, retracing memories, and enhancing learning. Dr. Penrod uses this kind of support to help with childbirth (after a traumatic prior experience) or fears, as well as enhancing the immune system with creative visualization.

This therapy is as effective as the doctor/patient relationship permits. The physcians moral integrity and consciousness is imperative.