Therapeutic Treatments

The objective of the naturopathic physician is to restore the normal, healthy functioning of the body through the use of substances and treatments that enhance the body’s natural healing capability.

Because everyone is unique each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation, after which the proper course of treatment is pursued.

Therapeutic Treatments used by Dr. Sigrid Penrod

Botanical Medicine

The use of plant substances for their traditional use in healing and active ingredients.


The use of minute amounts of natural substances that stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Nutritional Counseling

Specific individual diets and nutritional programs including vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.

Psychological Support

Counseling, hypnotherapy, and emotional support. Family Constellation work.

N. A. E. T

Technique for determining structural, physical, or nutritional problems using muscle reflexes.

Physical Medicine

Accident rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries.

Edgar Cayce Medicine

An approach to medicine as suggested by Edgar Cayce

Anthroposophical Medicine

Body-Mind-Spirit connection as taught by Dr. Rudolph Steiner.

Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)

A natural, energetic method of diagnosing and treating allergies.

Nutritional Response Technique

(NRT) is a therapeutic approach used to assess blockages in the body’s autonomic nervous system. 


A 3-week detoxification program for optimal health.

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